We are highly experienced manufactures in the vacuum forming, we provide reliable quality and cost effective production which runs in variety of materials. These materials are such as PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET, PETG, etc. In additional of all the above we also supply anti-static or static dissipative and conductive trays. All of these are made of superior qualityh plastic materials for ESD control purpose and physical shock protection.

Vacuum Forming Anti-Static Dissipative, Conductive & Color Tray
These applications are ideal products for semiconductors to place electronics components like integrated circuits (IC) in a better storage and protection. When strenght is a necessity, it can be used with great confidence.

Our Advantage :

  • Customize Design Service
  • Maximizes Product Storage
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Greater Products Static Protection
  • Greater Products Static Protection
  • Easy Stacking & Storage Space Saving
  • Variety of Option
  • Product Visibility & Feasiblility